About Raquel Lemus, full spectrum midwife

Afro Latina LA Native Full Spectrum Midwife, Peristeam Hydotherapist, Placenta Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Educator

Bueno! Hi! Alaffia!

I’m Raquel an Afro Latina Midwife, educator, and Gate Keeper of sacred transitions, honored to help you align to your healing!

Native to the hills of Los Angeles my family extends from El Salvador and Colombia.

I was born a midwife.

I come from a family of nurses, midwives and healers. I have always worked with families! As a 5 yr I would always say “I’m going to work with mothers and babies.” My first real job was as a postpartum doula, although I didn’t know that’s what is was called at 16. Instead of attending summer camp, I’d be in the ER department of Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital observing my mom and her team of nurses work. A bit nerdy, I know!

It all shaped me to be the holistic health care provider that I am for you today.

After working in the non-profit field for a few years I was feeling extreme burnout and fatigue.

I felt gross in my body and disconnected from my passion and purpose.

I started taking courses on body image, sensuality and my period trying to get back to my joy to the true essence of who I knew I could be.

My journey with my wellness ignited my love of the uterus and all of its phases.

I understand that the uterus as a center of creation, connects you to your joy, power, self-love and so much more. Regardless of what you choose to create your uterine wellness is vital to creating the life that you want!

My Perspective & Philosophy

You are a creative being!
The uterus is a center of creation. Regardless of what you choose to create: a human, relationship, career, art, music, food, etc.

The uterus has a way of communicating.
Your Uterus speaks a specific dialect that is unique to you. It is my job to help you connect to the language of your uterus.

Midwifery is a holistic practice that revolves around the wisdom of the uterus.
I believe in the intelligence of the human body, especially that of the uterus.

Whole cinnamon sticks, cumin, lemon, and honey are staples in my kitchen

Healing is a multidimensional process that involves the integration of experiences that are physical emotional, mental and ancestral.

Communities Are Born from The Uterus.

Chapstick and hair ties are a birth bag must have, they will save you and upgrade any partner from average to hero!

Having an connection with and awareness of your ancestors is essential for integrative healing work.

Emotions are valid, important and need to be listened to.

Education + Licenses

California Licensed Midwife
Certified Professional Midwife
Graduated with Certificate in Midwifery from MEAC Accredited Program at Maternidad La Luz, El Paso Texas
B.A. in Psychology ; UC Santa Barbara
Holistic Health Coach: Institute for integrative Nutrition
200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Peristeam Hydrotherapist ; The Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute

I give special gratitude to the Tongva People and Land, Olivia Chumacero, Everything is Medicine Course, Oluwo Falokun Fasegun, Iyanifa Fayomi Osundoyin Fatunmise, Ile Orumila Afedefeyo, Carol Downer, Shodhini Institute, Tule People and Land, to the Earth, My Ancestor and Spirit!

I am grateful that I had the privilege to attend these schools and have learned from so many academic professors.

I also must acknowledge all the traditional and unconventional teachers and elder that have informed me and taught me.

Together my education is a blend of academics, apprenticeship, personal experience and spirit led indigenous truths.

Bio For Publication

Raquel Lemus is a Licensed Midwife based in Los Angeles who has worked with families since she was 16 yrs old and has been a birthworker and uterine health specialist since 2012. Raquel serves the LA community as a Full Spectrum Midwife, Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Placenta Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Educator. It is her goal to connect people back to the known wisdom and intelligence of their uterus in order help them experience more joy and alignment with their life purpose!


The uterus is a center of creation – connecting you to your joy, power, self-love and so much more

Healing is a multidimensional process that involves the integration of experiences that are physical emotional, mental and ancestral. I provide you with a holistic framework of practices to support your own bodies alignment with optimum wellness.

All Genders Welcome

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