Beyond Encapsulation: 7 Ways To Honor Your Placenta

So you’ve decided that maybe you don’t want to eat your placenta, but you do want to take it home and honor it!

Fantastic! Here are 7 other ways to honor your placenta…
  1. Take it out to the wilderness after 6 weeks postpartum and have a gratitude burial ceremony. Give your placenta thanks for sustain your baby. Bury the placenta with tobacco, cedar , traumatic birth experience you want to elevate orr other prayers for your family and child. (You can store your placenta in your fridge till your ready to bury it)
  2. Have your placenta dehydrated or dehydrate it yourself and ground up. Mix it with soil and grow a plant of your choice. When choosing a plant think of something to represent your child and family.
  3. Make a Placenta Print or have one made.
    Placenta Prints involve making a image of the placenta using blood by pressing art paper onto the fresh placenta. A truly unique art piece! You can keep the print simple or add paint to make it even more unique.
    Then you can follow suggestions 1,2, 5, 6 or 7
  4. Photograph Your Placenta and Frame some of the images
    Then you can follow suggestions 1,2, 5, 6 or 7
  5. Have it dehydrated and ground place it in a beautiful container to keep on your ancestor altar.
  6. Take time to look at you placenta and give it gratitude. Then donate it to a midwife that teaches about placenta preparation and encapsulation…. Hint hint Me ! Ulterior moves maybe, but I’ll treat your placenta with much respect!
    Sit with your hand over it and meditate with your placenta to see what emerges.
    Can be down in combination with all of the above and below.
  7. Make a keepsake with the umbilical cord
    The cord can be dehydrated into a number or shapes, like a heart or infinity sign. Get creative!
    Once dehydrated it can be framed or made into a dreamcatcher.
    With the body of the placenta you can follow any of the other suggestion.

Feel free to send your stories and images of how you honored your placenta! Id be so fascinated to know!

Want more info on placenta preparation or other placenta services, check out my services pages for detail or send me a message!

Raquel Lemus is a Licensed Midwife based in Los Angeles who has worked with families since she was 16 yrs old and has been a birthworker and uterine health specialist since 2012. Raquel serves the LA community as a Full Spectrum Midwife, Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Placenta Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Educator. It is her goal to connect people back to the known wisdom and intelligence of their uterus in order help them experience more joy and alignment with their life purpose!