Pregnancy + Birth + Postpartum Care by Raquel Lemus

When it comes to labor and birth, I believe that birth is a natural initiation (Ceremony, Journey, Process) best left undisturbed as much as possible. I see your body’s ability to birth your baby as part of an innate intelligent system.

Holding this belief, I trust the body to move through pregnancy without much difficulty as long as it is healthy. I trust the body to exhibit warning sign if something is unwell, whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually. Ultimately I work with you, the pregnant person/woman and your family to have this same trust in yourself and in each other as you go through this journey.

I believe collaborative care builds trust, safety, and nurtures you and your family so you can feel supported and empowered throughout your pregnancy and birth experience.

As your healthcare provider I use a combination of Evidence‐Based Practices, the latest proven research, and my spiritual teachings to guide the care of your pregnancy and birth. I will address health care questions and situations with an evaluative and qualitative approach. I will always engage you in the decision making process by informing you about treatment options keeping in mind your preferences and values.

My Homebirth Midwifery Services Include:
  • all prenatal and postpartum visits
  • support throughout your birth
  • emotional and spiritual guidance

What Folks Are Saying

“Raquel is an amazing birth worker. She is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to birth and aftercare.

I remember her meeting with me and my husband before the birth to discuss the different options that can come up during birth with pros and cons. She also helped to prepare my husband to be a great support during the birth. The labor and birth were very vulnerable moments for me and she was able to assist me with information to provide the tools so that I can advocate for myself.

She helped me feel empowered in the knowledge that my body has the wisdom to know its needs at the moment. Raquel has a beautiful and peaceful presence that is amazing during the labor and birthing process.

After the baby was born she continued to check in with me and provided me with a steam session that was helpful in speeding up my recovery after birth. Once my period returned I consulted with Raquel again because it was unstable and very heavy.

Raquel was able to provide guidance with steaming so that my periods could go back to normal and I experienced positive changes immediately.

I completely trust Raquel and would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of her services.

~ Wendy

Typical Prenatal Visits

During a typical visit I’ll review you and your baby’s vital signs, and make sure you are staying nourished physically, emotional and spiritually.

Visit range 1.5-3hr in duration. I take my time with you and your family answering all the questions you have and supporting you through all the transition points into parenthood.

Prenatal Visits :
0-28 weeks = Once a Month
28-36 weeks = Every 2 weeks
36-40 weeks = Once a week
40-42 weeks = Twice a week

Typical Postpartum Visit

During your postpartum visits I assess you and your baby’s vital signs, provide breastfeeding support, guide you through vaginal steaming to amplify recovery, facilitate emotional integration of your experience and offer a sobada (massage of the uterus) and belly binding.

Postpartum Visits At
24-48 hrs
7 days
2 weeks
4 weeks
6 weeks

Homebirth Service Investment $5000

$1000 deposit required at our 1st prenatal visit
Payment Plans Available

Placenta Encapsulation and More

You want me to do what with my placenta?

Honor It ! Eat It ! Bury It ! Frame it!

The placenta plays a huge role throughout pregnancy acting like a heart, liver, kidney and lungs the placenta is the first place mother/pregnant parent and baby work together. The placenta is the first thing your baby sees and the sound it makes becomes a source of comfort for your baby well after they are born.

Traditionally and indigenously across continents and cultures the placenta was treated with deep reverence.

Here are some ways I can support you in honoring your placenta:

Placenta Encapsulation

This is the process of preparing the mother/birthing parent’s placenta after the birth of her/their baby by cleaning, dehydrating, powdering and placing it into capsules for ingestion.

The capsule count varies from placenta to placenta based on placental size and thickness. Potency is been known to last 1 year or more. Dehydration temperature will be 120 degrees or 118 degrees based on your preference.

Potential Benefits
  • Balances mood
  • Remineralizes the body
  • Decrease risk of Postpartum Depression
  • Lessen bleeding
  • Increase energy
  • Supports milk supply
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Support overall postpartum recovery
  • Bonus: Basic Umbilical Cord Keepsake:
    The umbilical cord is shaped into a heart and dehydrated. It is placed in a satchel. (Free of Charge with encapsulation)

Placenta Planting

Across all cultures placentas have been seen as the protectors of the child and mother. Once the placenta was born it was buried. Burying the placenta was a way of respecting it and honor the earth. The burial of the placenta connected the child with a sense of gratitude for the Earth and responsibility to the Earth’s wellbeing.

Giving the placenta back to the earth was seen as a way of fostering continued abundance for a family and the community as a fruit plant was often planted with the placenta to assure continued giving.

For those that do not wish to consume their placenta planting the placenta is a great alternative way to honor the care and work the placenta did to nourish the child. I offer placenta planting services for families that wish to honor and keep their placentas.

The placenta is dehydrated and ground up into a powder. It is then mixed with healthy organic soil and planted into a beautiful pot with a plant you choose. I can recommend a plant based on where you live and the amount of sunlight you receive.


Placenta Essence Tincture

The placenta in tincture creates a medicinal liquid that last indefinitely.

Drops are taken orally, or rubbed into the skin, and used by mother/birthing parent or child to support hormonal and emotional needs, stimulate the ‘vital force’, help in times of distress/imbalance, and gives energy and strength when ill. When stored in a cool dry place, this tincture will benefit even throughout menopause and or menarche first period. A dime sized piece of your placenta will be placed into 100 proof drinking alcohol. The hormones are then suspended into the alcohol, allowing for long-term benefits of mood therapy, even lasting until menopause.
This can be a stand-alone service or an add-on to your capsules.

$50.00 1st 4oz tincture
$25ea additional

Placenta Print

Placenta pressed onto watercolor paper for a beautiful keepsake


Umbilical Cord Keepsakes

The umbilical cord symbolizes a child’s connection to their ancestral family knowledge. Keeping the umbilical cord reminds the child and family of the importance of honoring our ancestors journeys and all the wisdom we carry forward because of what they have been through.

Traditionally a part of the umbilical cord (the stump attached to baby) was buried or planted to connect the child with the earth and help them to feel a sense of ownership, and responsibility for the well being of the earth and especially the land that they were born on or near. The umbilical cord can be honored for life times as a beautiful custom made keepsake. I include a basic umbilical cord keepsake with all of my placenta encapsulation orders. I also offer two different types of Umbilical Cord Art Keepsakes. All of these can be a stand alone service or can be add ons to encapsulation. Descriptions of each can be found below.

Basic Umbilical Cord Keepsake

The umbilical cord is shaped into a heart and dehydrated. It is placed in a satchel. (Free of Charge with encapsulation)

Umbilical Cord Shadow Box

The umbilical cord is shaped into a heart and dehydrated. It is then fastened into a shadow box that has been decorated and designed with colors and items that you specify.

Umbilical Cord Intention Catcher

The umbilical cord is shaped into a heart and dehydrated. It is then wrapped with copper, silver, or hemp and adorned with crystals, feathers, beads or shells of your choosing.


What Folks Are Saying

“Having Raquel help our family through pregnancy and birth of our first son Adam was nothing short of a blessing. Raquel met with us a few times for coaching sessions and to develop a birth plan. We had many questions, fears and hopes early on. My wife Wendy wanted to avoid a C-section at all costs.

Raquel understood and respected our wishes.

At the same time she explained how much work we, mainly Wendy, would have to put in. I believe my wife was able to reach her goals in large part because we had Raquel to guide us.

The day Wendy went into labor the staff at the hospital was in full automatic mode. It was a very fast paced environment and completely overwhelming for the both of us. It was hard to articulate to the doctor what we wanted. When I showed her the birth plan, she immediately halted her procedures and began following the processes we had predetermined. Raquel arrived later that day and made sure Wendy was doing well and that the path we were on was good and healthy.

She stayed with us overnight and coached Wendy through the thick forest.

I was quite ill at the time. For me her support meant everything. The next morning Adam was born. Raquel visited us a couple of times after that to help Wendy along her recovery.

I wholeheartedly recommend Raquel to anyone who might need her services. She is an experienced professional and a caring human being.”
~ Alex

Raquel Lemus is a Licensed Midwife based in Los Angeles who has worked with families since she was 16 yrs old and has been a birthworker and uterine health specialist since 2012. Raquel serves the LA community as a Full Spectrum Midwife, Peristeam Hydrotherapist, Placenta Specialist, Yoga Instructor, and Educator. It is her goal to connect people back to the known wisdom and intelligence of their uterus in order help them experience more joy and alignment with their life purpose!